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Let us fight for you! Our unique Fort Collins Family Law Attorneys team approach to all of our cases allows us to help our clients find the most beneficial outcome for their legal issues. We strive to take the fear and frustration out of the legal process by partnering with our clients and our team to work towards your legal goals. 


Sometimes the unexpected happens!  Whether you’ve been served with a restriction of your parenting time or you need to take immediate action to protect you or your family, the attorneys at Alexander & Ewert are skilled at handling emergencies.

Schedule a free consultation before it’s too late.


The world is always changing and sometimes past agreements no longer make sense.  Whether you’re looking to increase your parenting time or need to modify child support, Alexander & Ewert can help.

Our attorneys have handled a wide range of modification issues and will fight for you to get the necessary change.

Clients look to Fort Collins Family Law Attorneys, Alexander & Ewert for honest and realistic advice in the areas of Divorce, Separation, Child Custody and Child Support. 

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Divorce & Separation

Divorces are scary. We take the mystery and anxiety out of divorce by expertly guiding you through your separation. We educate our clients on every step.


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Child Custody

Custody is arguably the most complicated part of any case. At Alexander & Ewert we help you put the best interests of your child first.


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The transition from two adults in a household to having to support yourself can be financially difficult. We fight for maintenance to help from the beginning of the case.


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Child Support

At Alexander & Ewert, we will help you determine if both parties’ incomes are being calculated correctly. This will help you ensure that the correct amount of child support is being ordered. 

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Anytime there is a case filed or a post-decree modification requested, the Court will order you into mediation. At Alexander & Ewert, we help protect your interests and goals in mediation.

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Your children continue to grow and change. Often times your parenting plan needs to grow and change with them.

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The Fort Collins Family Law Attorneys, Alexander & Ewert, help clients with divorce, custody, and child support matters.

We protect people’s legal family rights during life’s unexpected challenges.

Turn your Fear and Frustration into the Focus and Control you need to get through your divorce or custody battle.

The Fort Collins Family Law Attorneys, Alexander & Ewert are known for their straight-forward and clear evaluations of each client’s unique needs. 

Divorcing a Narcissist

Divorcing a Narcissist

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My Ex Won’t Sign the Papers, Now What?

My Ex Won’t Sign the Papers, Now What?

Divorce, even when amicable, can be a tiring and stressful experience for both parties involved. It can become even more frustrating when your spouse (or shall we say, soon-to-be-ex) is uncooperative, unhelpful, and resistant to signing the divorce papers. He or she...

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